Monday, October 25, 2010

My Golden Year!!

23rd Birthday Celebration!

This year my birthday fell on a Saturday... I remember as a little kid I wished my birthday was always on a Friday or Saturday cause then we would celebrate it on the actual day. So this year I was pretty excited!

Pete surprised me by taking me to breakfast at the Little America! It was so delicious! After that he took me to the mall to get whatever I wanted!:) This year I told him not to get me anything since we only have 1 income at the time.... I was serious too. He insisted me picking out something.... 4 pairs of shoes, and 2 workout outfits later we where on our way home! We relaxed and watched the Utes game and then headed to Lehi to drop off Hadlee My sister Alicia throw a kid Halloween party for all the cousins so that the rest of us could go to a Hunted house. Since it was raining all day we just settled for dinner at Rodizio Grill! Not as fun as a Hunted house would of been but it was such Yummy!
Sunday we celebrated my birthday with the Schip's. Of course Jan made the yummiest Veggi Lasagna!
When we got home Sunday night our lawn was completely full of leafs... not to mention we racked them all up Friday night! So while Pete was racking them up again me and Hads went and played in them!
It was a great Birthday, honestly the best part about it was getting to spend the whole day with Pete & Hads!

Thanks love for making my Birthday so special! I sure do love you!

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  1. Happy Birthday Malley!!! Looks like you had a blast:) Your little family is sooo cute! Congrats