Monday, October 25, 2010

3 months update of our little Hadlee!

We love her more and more every day!

new things she is doing...
*Is officially sleeping ALL night AND in her CRIB!!!
* Loves to sMiLe!
*Is starting to LAUGH!
*Would stand all day if we let her!
*Is starting to GrAb things!
*Loves to make noises and baby talk!
*Got her toes painted for the 1st time!
* Is getting to be a Chuck!... and couldn't be any cuter!
* Is a hard sleeper.. can sleep through anything!
Had's is such a joy in our lives! We can't help but smile when we see her little face! I love being her mommy. Like I have said before... there is no greater blessing then motherhood! The last 3 months has flown by before we know it she will be a year and getting into trouble!
We love you Hadys!!!

Giveing Hugs


  1. Oh my gosh, I giggle at how cute she is! Can I PLEASE PLEASE meet her???