Friday, October 22, 2010

Flash Back Friday!

It's Friday and since this blog is somewhat my journal or whatever you want to call it I want to start recapping things in my past and those memories! So I am going to set a goal that every Friday I post about a past time!

So for today my past time is one of the most memorable years of my life!

My FIRST year of college at DIXIE STATE!!!

I never thought about what College I wanted to go to until my senior year or High school! I honestly didn't really want to think of it but I knew I had to sooner or later. I always knew that I wanted to move somewhere warm the first chance I got and I figured that would be either down south or out of state. At the time I had a boyfriend that was at Dixie State and would go visit him on weekends and I immediately fell in love with the town and everything about it! Next thing I knew my 3 best friends were on broad and we were going to be roommates!

August came and we drove my dad huge 21 foot trailer with all our stuff down to sunny St. George. About a week after we moved in our other roommate moved in. She also went to Taylorsville and I knew of her but I don't think I had ever had a conversation with her. I remember being so nervous she wasn't going to fit in.... BOY WAS I WRONG!

I grow to love these girl even more then I already did! We seriously had a blast and made so many unforgettable memories!

* Late night study sessions that always ended up in the kitchen making cookies or eating chips, salsa, & cream cheese.

*Putting a cut up to the doors or other peoples rooms to hear them fighting with their boyfriends.

*Water fights with the boys downstairs

*Waking up at 3 am to a couple screaming at each other outside our window

* Alicia running into the wall

*The quote board

* All our many random boys

* Stealing each others food.... well should I say.. Erin stealing our food! ha ha ha

* Saying prayer outside our doors

* Spring break...Road trip to California!

*Getting ready together!

* Our rooms that all had a different theme

* Coming home from a date to this.....

* Prison Break

* Being in the same ward!

* All the random things we used to do

* Trying to kill the bat outside our window

* The creak

* Getting stuff for about 5 hours in the mud in the middle of no where

* Our trampoline Alicia got from her Mexi friends


* Late night talks

* Vegas Trips
* Having my best friends be there for me through everything!

* Dodge ball * Football game I am so blessed I got this experience in my life! It is one I will never forget! I am so grateful for the relationship I built with these girls that I know will last a life time!!

I also learned so much about myself, for as chessy as this sounds this was the year I found myself and who I really was. My relationship with the lord grow stronger then I learned to relay on him more! I also had such a greater apprication for my family and realized how much I loved them and was greatful for them!



  1. YAY!!! BEST memories:) It honestly was sooo fun!! Everyone who didn't live with us, Wished they did. cause we were crazy FUN:) Thanks for letting me live with you girls and become GREAT friends!! LOVE YOU GIRLS FOREVER

  2. Oh that made me want to laugh and cry!! I miss those days so much! I love that we got to spend jr high highschool and college days together!!!! They were the best times in our lives!! So much more lies ahead for us but I am so happy we have all the memories we have together! I love you so much mal! I loved that post! Gosh I need to be a better blogger!!