Monday, October 25, 2010

Already flirting with the boys!

We are in big trouble!
So this week was our second week teaching our Primary Class.
Since it was the Primary Program.... which our class did GREAT, everyone was there and we realized there is only 1 girl and the rest boys!
Hadlee was loving it. All of the boys just wanted to play with her the whole time! She was getting fussy and so Pete started to tickle her. Next thing we know all the boys were gathered around her tickling her and Hadlee had the BIGGEST smile on her face! It was seriously so cute!

This is our Primary class + a visitor!

We already love them so much! They have taught us so mcuh in such a short amount of time. They always have something funny to say and at times we can't hold back our laughter!

Last Sunday While Hadlee was being Fussy, Logan (who always insist on sitting by Hadlee) leaned over to Pete and said, "If she starts to cry I have some really good trick to make her stop."

Oh how I love Kids!

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