Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

Ok, So I must say I am one lucky girl
Not only do I have the best father ever, I also have such a wonderful father-in-law and am married to the best father anyone could ask for!

This fathers day was Pete's first fathers day. Well, except for last year, I did give him and card and gift which he wasn't complaining about but would not call himself a father!
This year was different!

I have already seen the father side come out in Pete and I love it! I can't wait for her to get here and see their relationship grow!

Anyways, Sunday I decided since I couldn't sleep anyways to wake up and make breakfast, Pete of course wanted to sleep in so I let him sleep for awhile but couldn't wait to give him his gift so I woke him up earlier then he wanted! I got him a Jazz t-shirt and matching onesie for our little girl to relax with her dad and watch the games!

I couldn't just stop at 1.....

After going to church we headed off to the Schip's! Jan made a fabulous dinner as always and then off to my parents for Ice cream sundaes..... If you know my dad there is nothing else he would want more!

Like I said before, I am so lucky to have the father figures I do in my life. There is one word to describe my dad which is amazing! I look up to him in every way and am so proud to say he is my dad. Also, I am so blessed to have the father-in-law I do. I remember when i first met him I was scared out of my mind. Oh but that didn't last long. From the day I met him he has treated me like nothing but his own daughter. He has always wanted what was best for me and has support Pete and me in all our decisions. He is one of the most caring people I know. Thanks Dale for everything you have done for Pete and I.

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