Sunday, June 20, 2010

35 weeks


As fast as time is going it is not going fast enough! I am ready for this little girl to come already!

How far along?: 35 weeks!!!!....5 to go!

How big is baby?: 18 inch's long & a little over 5 lbs! Theses are the weeks she starts to gain her weight!

Weight Gain?: I stopped looking!

Stretch Marks?: I would rather not say.... :( My one little one turned into a couple little ones! Bikini days are over!

Maternity Clothes?:I am now living in gym shorts and t-shirts, note to self...... don't waste your money on maternity clothes...... I did not find them that comfortable.

Sleep?:Hasn't been bad lately, I wake up pretty early to pee then go back to bed! Pete is the one to ask...... He says that since I have been pregnant, I breath so loud, which makes him not sleep very good! I say he is lying!

Best moment this week?: Having my 1st baby shower!

Food cravings?: Popsicles!

Movement?: Yup! She is always letting me know she is in there & almost ready to come out and play! :)

Name: We are back down to 3..... the name Pete liked, well..... we found out we know a little girl with that name and he decided he didn't like it!..... Kinda sad but you know it all works like that!

What I miss?: SHopping (for clothes)..... its impossible when your prego, feeling somewhat cute!

Belly button?: Still innie!

Labor Signs: Not really since the last time!

What I'm looking forward to?: Meeting this little girl!

Milestone?: Making it this far..... only 5 more weeks is what I have to remind myself of everyday!


  1. MAL!! do you go tanning? or lay out lots? or what?? Your soooo tan!! I live in st. george and I'm still pasty....AH. haha.
    Your soo cute!! I can't wait till your lil girl is here:) Lucky YOU

  2. You look adorable Mal! Can't wait to see what she looks like!