Tuesday, June 8, 2010

33 weeks...... 7 to go:)

I can't believe its been another week! I had another Dr. Appointment and it went great. I get to start going every 2 weeks which mean its getting closer :)

I thought with it being summer, not having a set job, that our lives would slow down..... I was completely wrong.

Pete and I are both doing school full time, working full time, I am volunteering everyday for the next 3 weeks at a Elementary, and on top of that trying to prepare for our sweet baby girl which we are only 7 week away from meeting her!

How far along?: 33 Weeks

How big is baby?: a little over 4 lbs.

Weight Gain?: Don't even ask :( lets just say I am going to be working my butt off come August!

Stretch Marks?: So... I prayed I would NEVER have to change my answer on this question, but... the other night I was examining and there it was.... A STRETCH MARK, right below my belly button. Don't worry I had a break down, shed some tears, that whole night i kept having dreams that I was getting more and more..... I woke up at 4AM to check it again to make sure it wasn't a dream which I was hoping for. The next morning I came to realize it was NOT the end of the world and that I would much rather have a baby then a stretch mark free stomach. Lets just hope it stays at just 1 little mark!

Maternity Clothes?: Well my 2 Capri's are, none of my tops, or dresses! however, I should get more I just hate them. they are comfortable but I just don't feel cute in them.

Sleep?: It depends on the night, some are great some I want to shoot myself!

Best moment this week?: Buying the crib! :)

Food cravings?: Fruit and of course SWEETS!

Movement?: We got ourselves a dancer! She is constantly letting us know she is in there!! I LOVE IT!

Name: Still have our 3 favorites... Pete actually came up with a new one and is set on that one... we will see!

What I miss?: Fitting into all my clothes!

Belly button?: Still innie!

Labor Signs: I seriously thought I was going to die the other night. I woke up to very strong pains which at the time didn't know what they were but soon discovered they were contractions... oh boy i am in for a treat!

What I'm looking forward to?: My first shower, this Saturday!

Milestone?: Keeping myself sane after starting classes and being busier then ever!


  1. It's getting close! YOU LOOK ADORABLE!!!!!!!

  2. Mal your belly looks so LOW now! Maybe she's getting ready to make her grand entrance soon! But at least waiting till July right? haha