Monday, April 12, 2010

Wedding season is just getting started!

This weekend we had 2 of our good friends get married! I seriously LOVE weddings!! Pete on the other hand..... well lets just say they aren't his favorite! But since these were are good friends he was excited about going.
Thursday night was Nikki's wedding! It was down in Orem at a golf course club house which was so pretty and of course she looked GORGEOUS!
(sorry this is only picture i got of them)

Paiz is getting way too big!!!
Toss & Mads

After the wedding Pete headed to Scotts Bachelor party while us girl took Kal out for her birthday to The Brick Over! YUMM... one reason I miss living in Provo. It was so good to catch up on everything!! I love my girls!

BIG 22!!

Sorry Mads for spilling water all over you... then me!

Friday night was our friends Scott & Kalyn's wedding.

It was at Thanksgiving point and was also beautiful! They make such a perfect couple and bring out the best in each other. We are excited to have another married couple to hang out with!

these two made me laugh all night! Love them!

Waiting for them to come outside.... FREEZING!!


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  1. You said Paiz is getting too big? Look at my face! haha Everyone else looks super cute! Looks like you all had fun!