Friday, April 9, 2010

For the love of Basketball!

Ok, so last week Pete texted me asking if he could buy a basketball..... well I couldn't see why not, I mean it's a basketball what, they could be more then $10-$20 dollars? Oh I soon found out I was so wrong, well not wrong, there are balls out there that cost $10-$20 dollars but this specific one that he wanted was $60.


Who needs a ball that cost that much! I mean don't those things get lost all the time anyways and plus you play with them outside, don't they just get beat up? Well that was my thinking so once I found out that, Yes I was a mean wife and said NO WAY! yes, I know what a brat!
Well his begging went one for a couple of days, it even got to the point that I had to hide his credit cards so that he wouldn't go buy it! (It was kinda a joke but seriously at the same time). Anyways, so he finally gave up which made me feel so bad and feel like the most horrible wife ever! So I had to surprise him with one!!
It was perfect timing too.
We both were on our way home from work. I hurried and stopped at the store and by the time I got home he was just pulling in. So I kinda acted like I was taking a bunch of stuff from my truck in the house with the ball hidden in it all. This was Wednesday night which is his basketball night so while he was changing his clothes I hurried and put a bow on it and put it on the table for him to see when he wanted into the kitchen. It was perfect he walked out and there it was!! He was so shocked with a huge smile on his face!!
I got myself some brownie points for sure! :) jk.
Pete deserved that ball no matter how much it was! He is such a hard worker and is seriously never asking to buy anything and never caring what I buy, well......... most of the time!!

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  1. Oh my gosh you guys are so cute, I love it! Isn't that one of the best parts of marriage? Making each other happy and surprises, I love it!