Monday, April 12, 2010

Preston & Connors Birthday Date!

Saturday we took Preston & Conner out for their birthdays. Preston's was clear back in November however, he wanted to wait till Conner's birthday so they could go together! We had so much fun. They wanted to go to Boondocks to go laser tagging. They had never been before I thought it would be hard for them.... freak its hard for me. But they got the hang of it fast and was having a blast. The worker let me go in even though I wasn't playing (again I can never work those stupid guns) she let me go in an take pictures. I seriously peed my pants laughing at Pete running around with these two! After playing that we played some arcade games and went to lunch! It was so much fun spending some time with these boys!! Both of them are the sweetest little boys. I can't believe how old Preston is. He is such a good brother to Conner! Conner is shy at first but once he warms up to you he is such a fun little boy! We love you guys and are so lucky to be your aunt and uncle!!!

Waiting in line.... not so much a line...

After we dropped the boys off I headed back home to help with Isabelle's birthday party! This year she had a FANCY NANCY Party. I had never head about it but i guess it is a book and after the party I love it! The party turned out so cute. Mel did such a great job in all the little details and making sure the girls had fun. I was so excited they asked for my help because I loved being there!!!

Emma & Isabelle

Sorry this is all the pictures I took on my camera.

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