Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tennis Tuesday!

Well... this week it was Tennis Wednesday!

Due to the weather and school we have not had a chance to break in these babies since we got them for Easter. We decided to start playing every Tuesday because that's usually the day we don't have anything going on. However, the last 2 week have been either rainy or freezing and we haven't been able to play.:(

Good new is the SUN came out on Wednesday and it was beautiful!! So we got to break our rackets in!!!

It was honestly so much fun. I think Pete thought he was going to have to play nice but trust me I gave him a good game!!!

(Little Peanut loved it too..... and don't worry she is growing every second... can you tell?)

and the WINNER was.....

(I know you are all surprised it wasn't a picture of time)

I am already looking forward to playing next week!!
Best Easter Gift EVER!


  1. Mal your little belly looks so cute! You are such a cute pregnant girl! Now get ready for all the annoying random questions and suggestions from random people! That drove me nuts! haha

  2. So fun! You do look amazing. I know this is kinda cheesy but did you realize that if you turned Petes racket around it would be a p for Pete, and M for Mallory? :)

  3. You look so ADORABLE pregnant! And tennis! HOW FUN! Such cute pics! So excited about the weather FINALLY starting to break a little! I love the sunshine! :)

  4. i played wednesday at the so jo rec center & thursday at uvu. i could use a lesson or two! :)