Friday, April 16, 2010

ONLY 100 days to go!

So 100 days might seem forever aways but considering the fact that I have been pregnant for the last 180 days, 100 seems like nothing!!

I can't wait anymore!

Trust me we have SO much to do.... we pretty much haven't done anything besides buying clothes of course, but there is WAY more that you need then just clothes!!! Hopefully, next week when school starts slowing down, and we get other things out of the way then we can start getting things ready for her to come!!

Being pregnant is such an experience. Its has its ups & downs!
DOWNS being, the pain, not fitting into your clothes, feeling like a giant, always being hungry, not being able to do physical things like you use too.

But none of those things compare to the Ups!

UPS being, feeling her move more and more each day, feeling that connection without ever meeting her, keeping her safe from the world, having the glow of becoming a MOM, hearing the heartbeat, hearing the doctor say everything looks great & baby is healthy!, deciding on names, discussing what kind of parents we want to be, having Pete feel her kick, the excitement that Pete has about becoming a daddy, shopping for tiny little clothes, going to the craft store and picking out things to make YOUR little girl, getting bigger & bigger knowing that your baby is growing, knowing that god trust & loves you so much to send down a little spirit to you, planning the future knowing that you will have a little one to make things so much more fun, knowing that in just a short time I will get to hold my baby and she will be all ours!!!


  1. I can't wait for you baby shower!! it's gonna be so much fun:) Your going to be a great momma. I hope you move down here soon after she is born so I can be her favorite babysitter!!! :) haha

  2. Mal you are going to be the best Mom! You already are to that sweet little girl. Just look how you talk about her :] Time will fly by especially since its getting so nice now and thats the weather you like haha!