Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I want it WEDNESDAY!

So my BFF had a great idea.... so I am stealing it!!

Now before starting this, I just want to remind myself how lucky/blessed I am for everything I do have. Pete and I have been so blessed to be able to both have jobs, a roof over a head, cars to drive, furthering our education, and mostly our families, friends, & each other.

However, we can always dream of having those things that seem to make life a little easier or just those things to have them cause we WANT them not NEED them!!

I feel like Pete and I are great savers since being married!! YES, I have given up my shopping addiction. When we get our pay checks our first questions is how much can we save out of that not so much how much do we get to spend! Usually when we want something big we are good at cutting back on going out to dinner or buying stuff we can do without and saving for that thing. Pete makes fun of me for how our bank account is set up!.... it has a savings account for every simple thing!!!

So back to the dreaming part! This is something I have been wanting since last year!!

Yes, pink and all!! I love it! With the weather warming up and me not being able to run so much anymore(I get bigger and bigger every second) I really really want it now.

Good News is that the other day I was out in my parents garage and saw my old bike I forgot I had hanging up!!!! Its NOT pink.... but it will due for now! Now I just need to pump up those tires and I am set! oh yea, also find me a riding partner... any takers!?


  1. SOO cute!! I want one:) You should just go buy some pink spray paint and then you can have a cute PINK bike:)AND maybe add some steamers is my vote!!

  2. I want a cute bike like that sooo bad too! And a bike trailer :) haha I wish I lived closer and I would go with you all the time!