Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

Well the weekend went by way too fast! Our Easter fun actually started Thursday night when Hannah & Isabelle asked us to have a Easter egg hunt with them upstairs. We were more then willing too. They gave us 4 eggs to fill and hide downstairs and they each got 4 eggs to fill and hide. So I found stuff that I was needed to get ride of that I thought 2 little girls would LOVE such as a zebra/pink watch, a necklace, bath soap and lotion, and all kinds of other stuff. So they came down and with our help found all the eggs, then it was our turn. Isabelle insisted I find all her eggs. Pete being Pete, would tease her and hurry and get it before I did, but she wasn't having it. So I with the help of her got all her goldfish filled eggs! It was so much fun, it made us even more excited to think next year we will have a little one to start traditions with even though she will still be little I can't wait to get to buy her a EASTER DRESS and have her join in all the fun!

Ready with their Easter bags

Friday night we colored eggs at Pete's parents. Coloring egg at the Schipaanboord's is more for the adults then the kids I came to realize this year. They have this tradition to write in the clear crayon something about someone else on the egg and then stick it in a color. One by one someone will take out the egg to put their egg in and read what the egg say which they are taking out. It gets VERY interesting and we all get a good laugh.

Saturday was my friends Nikki bridal shower. It was so good to get to see everyone and catch up. Nikki gets married this Friday and I couldn't be more excited for her. About 2 summers ago I become super close to Nikki, we seriously hung out everyday and had some CRAZY adventures! One thing I love about Nikki is she is the sweetest person you will ever met, she is also so spontaneous which is what made that summer so much fun. I love that girl!! Gentry is a lucky guy!

Saturday night was our semiannual girls night! We do this every conference weekend when the boys are off at Priesthood. This time we all met at my moms and just ate and hung out. Usually everyone brings a craft to work on but this time I think we were all just wanting to relax. My cousins Brit, Chels and Grandma Hind also joined us which is always a blast.

Sunday the Easter bunny surprised us with baskets... your NEVER too old to get a Easter basket! This year we put something we wanted to do together outside for WHEN it FINALLY gets warm! Pete did a great job! Love him! He also made his famous crepes for breakfast!! I love them! Every holiday that's my request!

After enjoying conference all day, which was great. My mom had Easter dinner. Before dinner was even over the kids were all lined up at the door ready for the egg hunt! Don't worry I got our little girl a fair share of treats! :) After the hunt we sat hung out. While hanging out all the sudden my niece Sara (3 years old) came running in with mud all over her, trying to tell us something. Come to find out, she found Lincoln crying out side before he was stuck in the mud and couldn't get out. after she tried to help him and failed she ran into to get help! We all got a kick out of it!

Melissa doing her motherly duties... getting ready for one day!
Hope you all had a great Easter!

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  1. Mallory! k first of all, you look great and i am so happy for you! second of all, Nikki is my husbands, aunt's, sister.... if that makes sense :) but Nikki really is the sweetest girl ever and i think it is so fun that you know her too!