Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Up ALL night...

Because of this......

2:30 AM I wake up to Pete looking outside our window...... I asked him what he was doing and he said that he heard something. All of the sudden I hear something scratching on our window.... pretty loud. We couldn't see it very well so first we thought it was a rat... too big to be a mouse. I flipped, even though it was outside, It was stuck in our window well and figured maybe it would find its way in somehow. We tried to go back to bed, but this little guy would not be quit. I tried everything, putting my pillow over my head, turning the TV on, nothing worked. Then we went about 10 minutes not hearing him so that's when I fell asleep but don't worry I woke up because I dreamt he got in our house and climbed into bed with us.... EWW GROSS! Finally at about 6:00 AM I figured it was hopeless to get any sleep so I decided to wake up and see what this little guy was doing. I actually fell in love. It was not a ugly rat, it was a little gopher(so we think) I sat there for about 20 minutes just watching this little guy searching for any kind of food and trying to get out of the window well, I felt bad and told Pete to go get him out. Well I felt that way until........ I saw that he was digging a hole, I watching how he did it and wow this little guy was powerful. Anyways, I told Pete about it and said, "I guess there is no way of him getting in". Right then I looked over to were a outlet is behind our TV which I realized was no outlet, it was a BIG hole that a outlet was suppose to be. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH Pete jumped out of bed, ran upstairs, got a shovel and tried to get this little thing. He covered up the hole which probably wasn't smart, either it would suffocate him or force him to come right in. I couldn't take it and left to work. About 30 minutes later I got the confirmation that little gopher was officially dead!! Poor little guy! I would have made sure you got out safely if only you didn't dig that hole which freaked me out.

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