Monday, April 5, 2010


I am officially 6 months along! Time is going by so fast but so slow at the same time. When I think of everything we need to do it seems like we are running out of time, but when I think about finally getting to see her and hold her it seems like time is taking FOREVER! Since the last Survey I have progressed A LOT! You can finally tell I am Pregnant. Everyday I get bigger and bigger which is good except the part that my nights are starting to get longer and longer. This morning I woke up in a sweat and SO uncomfortable. The best news is that our little girl is kicking, moving, and what it feels like, having a party in there. I am not complaining because it is honestly the best feeling ever. People would always try to explain what it feels like when your baby moved. I never could grasp the thought of what it actually would feel like. Maybe that's cause its so so so much better then what people tell you. For the 1st time Pete even felt it the other night. She must be shy cause when someone else or Pete trys to feel she automatically stops. But then when its me feeling she just kicks away! I love it! But here is a little more of the updates:

How far along?: 24 weeks (6 months) 111 days to go!!!!
How big is baby?: the length of a corn head(about a foot)
Weight Gain?:Well I am terrified to stand on the scale, so until I go to the doctors next week, I am not sure.
Stretch Marks?: Not yet, lets pray it stays that way. I am not doing so good at putting my creams on, however I do keep it moisturized.
Maternity Clothes?: I seriously can not find ANY I like. Maternity clothes are seriously all one style which is not my style. However I did find my first/only maternity skirt at Old navy before our cruise and I love it. I plan to wear it when I am not pregnant cause its so comfy. I officially don't fit in ANY of my pants, a couple I get the bottom done and then by the time I get to work it feels like its going to pop. So with this cold whether I am just sportin my sweat suits! I don't know how my work feels about it, but I can't help it. I have also gone crazy with buying dresses, that's what I plan to wear all summer!
Sleep?: until last night it was great! I go to bed at 9:00 pm which is nothing new, I just have something to blame it on now. Sorry love, for being such a boring wife.... funny story real quick..... So last weekend Pete & his friends decide to plan a game night. I was pretty excited cause how often does the boys plan something, so we went to our friends Taylor's house to play Scene it. It was fun until about 10:00 pm. WAY past my bedtime, I couldn't keep my eyes open so of course I fell sleep right there in front of everyone. The next thing I know is I open my eyes because I had a dream I was snoring really loud. Well it wasn't so much a dream. I open my eyes to see everyone looking at me, and Pete whispering, "Mal, they can hear you?" I felt so dumb, now everyone knows what Pete goes through every night!
Best moment this week?: Pete getting to feel her move!
Food cravings?: ironically nothing..... I would say candy... but I don't consider that a craving, its a nutritional need at all time!
Movement?: YUP! A LOT! and I LOVE IT!
Name: I have my favorite, of course Pete doesn't agree.... but I think he is getting there!!!
What I miss?: Fitting into my clothes!
Belly button?: Innie, but starting to get bigger and look weird
What I'm looking forward to?: of course JULY 25th... or whenever she decides to come!
Milestone?: Making it to 24 weeks I guess!

Oh don't worry, I grow by the second! I feel way bigger then that!


  1. You look GREAT!! I love your hair!!! :]

  2. You ALWAYS look sooo cute! I want your belt btw:) sooo exciting that your having a lil girl!! be honest....HOW much stuff have you already bought??? haha.

  3. You look SO cute! Love to hear about your progress and how she is doing :) And thanks, when you do this it reminds me to do mine!

  4. you're the cutest pregnant girl ever. Where do you find such cute dresses?!

  5. You look super cute! Congrats on the upcoming baby. I know that maternity clothes are not the cutest things in the world... but have you tried those puppies on??? They are SO comfortable. I may live in them for the rest of my life, even though I don't need them yet. They are like glorified sweats!