Monday, March 22, 2010


We are home sadly to say! We say everyday how we wish we were back in paradise having no worries except getting a tan and finding the best shopping!

At the last minute my parents, sister and her husband decided they wanted to join in on the fun and come along. That got us even more excited! If you have ever been on a cruise you know the more people the better (Well in my opinion).

From the beginning...... WARNING: LONG POST!

So Saturday morning we work up ready to fly to sunny California were the ship would leave from. We got there around noonish and then off to the ship! I think I was more excited for Pete to experience a cruise more then I was for myself. We boarded the boat and off the the buffet.... (The buffet we soon would want nothing to do with). After that we went back to our rooms to hurry and unpack and get ready for the night to come! They had a deck party which we realized we were on a ship with a bunch of Spring Breakers who might I say were drunk the whole time and SOOOO annoying. Honestly, I almost punched 5 girls in the face cause I couldn't stand how loud and annoying they were! GROW UP! Anyways....After that we enjoyed a show, ate at the BBQ and then ate AGAIN at dinner! Yes, there is food everywhere that they are shoving in your face.... you can't resist sometimes! After enjoying our first night checking out the ship and a couple of shows and of course trying all the food, off to bed we went! That night was horrible.... I couldn't sleep, I kept dreaming our ship was the titanic and that we were those people at the bottom of the boat lying in bed waiting to die..... I seriously couldn't wait till morning! At breakfast we realized we all didn't get a good nights sleep, Ivy was confused about the time change and work up at 4:30 thinking it was 6:30 to go to the gym and with it being dark outside and the only one up she still didn't realize what time it was until she went to the gym and it wasn't open..... We got a good laugh. Good to say, that was the only sleepless night for us.

Pete with 3 our of our 5 bags...... Yes we over packed! Not just me, He had just as much!
Ready to board the plain!

I asked for a bottle water and they bring me this.... What the freak is this.....

Boarding the Ship!


That day we were on the ship all day, which was
SUNNY and we didn't mind at all. We laid out all day and then that night was the formal dinner night so we got all dressed up for that and went and ate AGAIN! The dinning room was beautiful and the food was great. That night they had a Magician for the big show, which Pete couldn't stop talking about all day and was so excited for it! After that show they had a Newlywed game show which was hilarious!

Waiting for the show to start!

Pete thought these things were so cool!


We woke up in BEAUTIFUL Cabo San Lucas. It was so different then what I expected but I loved it. There was no port there so we had to take the little life boat to shore which took awhile and only left us 5 hour off the boat. However, by the end we were ready to go. Here we took a little tour in a GLASS BOTTOM BOAT, which is funny because that what they all use to advertise THEIR boat like its something so great. We got on the boat and there is like these two little holes in the bottom with glass and you can absolutely see nothing. I guess it works to act like its cool though. Anyways after our little scenic tour we got dropped off at "Lovers Beach" We tried to snorkel, but after you have been snorkeling in Hawaii, this didn't even come close and we gave up after 5 minutes of being out there. After the beach we tried to find favorite.... Mexican shopping.... but came to find out it was a MEXICAN HOLIDAY and the big flee market was closed. DANG IT! So we decided to get some REAL Mexican food and stopped at a little restaurant right on the pier..... BAD IDEA! We returned to the boat and Pete stayed in the bathroom the rest of the night! He wasn't up for anything and decided to sleep so I was flying solo with the group. We went to the night show which was something else... there were dancers.... lets just say I would be shocked if any of the guys were straight... so you can imagine what the show was like. After that they had an American Idol type thingy. Funniest thing EVER! We died laughing, some people crack me up! I was sad Pete missed out but was happy the next morning he woke up feeling great!!! Note to self..... don't trust those places.

Walkin off the Ship(well the little boats)


Ohhh how cute are they..

He is so stinkin cute!!! Love him!

all the GLASS BOTTOM boats


We woke up and we were in Mazatlan. This was a easier process cause we pulled right up to the dock so you could just walk off the ship. We ended up taking these little taxi that looked like little buggies across town to a NICE resort to spend the day there. My parents took one for the team and attended some stupid presentation thingy so we didn't have to pay. However they did get free lunch. After swimming there for the day we stopped by some Church to walk through. The church was beautiful, however it was sad to see that they had so many people living in nothing or under tarps and that they put so much money into these church's. After that we finally got to do a little Mexican shopping which was a little crazy/scary!

We returned to the ship and off to dinner and another show! This night they had battle of the sexes which was pretty entertaining... GIRL won of course!

Breakfast in the Dinning room

Our little buggy taxi's

The Resort

these things were everywhere.... I almost stepped on one and about had a heart attack!


We woke up in BEAUTIFUL
Puerto Vallarta. This was defiantly my favorite! It was more developed and clean(some parts). We found a good deal on the Canopy Tour (Zip line). None of us had ever done this so we didn't know what to expect. I wasn't planning on doing it because I heard it is tight around the belly. I was way bummed. I figured I would go up there and watch them. We ended up taking some bus up this dirt road.... seriously scared for my life. These busses have no shocks(if thats what they are called) so you felt EVERYTHING. Also it was going about 80 MPH and no joke a foot away from the edge of cliffs. I closed my eyes and said a million prayers! We finally made it and WOW.... it was BEAUTIFUL! It was a little resort at the top of the rain forest, Pete didn't want to leave, it reminded him of his mission. As they were strapping everyone in I asked what they thought about me going. They put a harnus on me and showed me how I would be hanging, and I couldn't even feel it. So I WAS IN! I am sure glad cause it was seriously one of the coolest things I have done. There were 12 lines (I was expecting 1) which all were fairly long. At the end of the zip lines there were MULES waiting for us to take us back to the top. WHAT THE HECK! This was when I really felt like I was in MEXICO! These poor mules had to go up these steep no path hills with a Pregnant chick on its back. Don't worry Petes went slower then mine and he was in the front slowing the whole group down. I couldn't stop laughing at him, he made a little buddy, he was talking to him the whole way and even tried to feed him which he almost fell off doing. What an experiance! Definatly a MUST if you haven't done it. After that we ate some REAL good Mexican food (which didn't make us sick) then back on the bus we went.... again... almost died. We ended the day shopping our hearts out, Well my sister and I did then back to the boat we went. That night they had a St. Patricks day/good-bye Mexico deck party. Of course I wore green for my Irish BFF (Erin) and even Pete was in the holiday spirit.

They ran out of TP in the girls bathroom so we had to steal some from the Mens

Pete didn't make it to the end on one of them so this guy had to go rescue him.... Pete wasn't very excited about a guy stradeling him. We all got a good laugh though

The last one we had to choice to go down upside down and get wet.... being pregnant I missed out on this one.

Our Mule ride!

Relaxing on the Mexican Hammocks
only thing bad about this place was we got eaten alive by (what I call) Mexican bugs!

That night when we were getting ready for bed I got the BEST surprise EVER!!
(stay tone to next post)


We were kinda looking forward to this day cause we needed to relax. Of course we started our day laying out and..... well ended our day laying out. Cruises are the best to lay out cause you don't get hot because of the brezze so you can stay out there all day which we did. That night we went to dinner and then of course Pete got his gamble on.... we won't talk about that. Gambling is STUPID... DONT DO IT! Also that night was the midnight CHOCOLETE buffet.... Yes every chocolete dessart you could think of.... however, the chocolete wasn't good. VERY dissapointed, probably a good thing though


This was different from the day before cause we spent our day inside..... BUMMER! It was really windy and not so sunny. They had a lot of shows and things to do inside which kept us entertained.


Was the day to get off the boat, the only thing we were excited about was getting away from the food. It did get old.

Waiting to get off the boat

We returned home safe and sound!

I am so glad we found some time to get away cause this was a MUCH needed Vacation. We have already started planning our next one!

RANDOM Pictures

These were a few things that we got hooked too while laying out, waiting in lines, and not being able to sleep......

We finally finished!

I also started this book and couldn't put it down..... now I need to see the movie.

Each day Pete and I would leave a message for each other on the shower door or mirror. They got pretty creative but this one was my favorite....

"Dear Mal, I love your stinkin guts, you make me happy, your the app in my apple. Love, Pe Pete"

I didn't get it at first and then he informed me that instead of Alf Alfa, he put Pe Pete..... Oh I love him!

I also grew...... yes, maybe it is the food but I am praying its the baby! I actually look Pregnant now and I love it!!


  1. Wow I enjoyed this post you crack me up!!! It will never get old how cute it is how you spell!! I love it! I am so so jealous! I want to go on a cruise so bad! I can't wait to be married and go on one with you and Pete!!

  2. This looks like a blast! You look beautiful!!