Sunday, March 21, 2010


Monday after the excitement of finding out that we were having a little girl. We texted, called, and shouted from the mountain tops our exciting news to friends and family. Everyone was so excited for us! My mom told me to stop by her house after work because she had something for us!
Of course my mom being the amazing mom she is had the cutest little "Keep sake box" full of a bunch of girly stuff!

After that I went home to start dinner, as I walked in Hannah and Isabelle were standing by the stairs as normal and little Isabelle had a exciting look on her face and started to say something when Mel stopped her. I was so confused and didn't think much about it until I walked down stairs and saw a surprise waiting! (Well i didn't see it right off, It wasn't until I went to turn on the TV)
and of course the girls were waiting up for us to see our surprise, I knew Pete was right behind me and would be home soon so I told them to hide and surprise him when he came down!! He walked in and was so excited to see our little surprise. I couldn't wait for Pete to get home to open the gift which were these.....

Cutest things I have ever seen... and you guessed it... it got me so excited to start baby shopping! :)

Thanks, Mom, Mel,Ry & Girls, and everyone else who shared our excitement with us!


  1. You have such a cute family! Your baby girl is already so spoiled! Congrats again!! You will be an amazing mama!

  2. I heard from Lindsey that you read my blog, so I looked up yours! I read all the way back to Christmas! I'm so excited for you and your new little family! You're doing such a great job keeping everyone updated too! So much fun to read blogs! Keep us posted on your pregnancy and your life!! :o)

  3. I love all your new updates! TOO CUTE! So excited for you and Pete! You will absolutely love bring parents! There is simply nothing better! ;)