Monday, March 29, 2010

Emma's Birthday Date + More

We're a little behind (still are) on our birthday dates, but its been crazy with school, work, vacations and everything else, that we finally got around to taking Emma out for her birthday which was March 1st. We had so much fun with her. Right when we showed up to her house she ran outside with the biggest smile on her face! She is so freaking cute!

She picked to go bowling and kept reminding us she had never been but Ben (her big brother) had. So we took her to go bowling. After she throw the ball 2 times she was done with that and ready to play games. However, she finished the game and ended up winning!!

After bowling we played a couple of arcade games so that we could get PRIZES!!

After that we asked her what she wanted to eat and she said, Chicken Nuggets & Fries. Then she went on to say that Chicken nuggets are healthy for you because they have grease in them. I asked her where she learned that and then she went on to say that if you have too much grease its bad for you but your body needs a little. WOW, smart girl!!

We are so lucky to have her as our nieces. I remember when I first starting dating Pete she was so little and I was in love with her little dimples. She is such a sweet little girl that's always so excited to see us whenever we get together! We also asked her what we should name our baby(we ask them all that) and she said Polly..... I told her I would think about that one.
We love you EMMA, Happy birthday!


After taking Emma out Pete was not feeling too good so he went home to get some rest. Me having spring fever decided to start on SPRING CLEANING.... what was I thinking. When it comes to deep cleaning, I am the worst. I pull everything out and then get board with it fast and it ends up staying there forever..... and that is exactly what happened. I pulled out all our storage and tried to pack up our winter clothes so that we could bring our spring ones out but once I got everything out I got a call from my cousins wanting to go to dinner... So what did I do. Of course I went and our house remands a MESS!! But it was worth it. I haven't seen my cousins in a while and since one of them is dating Petes good friend we got to all hang out together.
(it was worse then this, I cleaned up a little before taking a picture)

We ended up going to Texas Roadhouse. Funny story: There was some balloon maker guy. Pete inner little kid came out in him and he seriously was so entertained by him. He wouldn't even talk to anyone he was too busy starring at this guy. Finally he got him to come over and make him a balloon and this was the outcome.

but seriously this guy was amazing. Best balloon maker I have ever seen.

Shane & Chels
Me & Petey
Brit & I
Sunday, Pete was SICK and stayed in bed all day.Poor kid!
That night we celebrated Joslyn's birthday which is not till the 31st. It was great getting to spend time with the family!
We can't wait to get to take her out, she has already told us that she wants to sleep at our house for her birthday date!

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