Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday DAD!


50 reasons I love my dad!

1. He is the most giving person in the WORLD!
2.He is ALWAYS looking out for the under dog
3. He will NEVER turn down a bowl of ICE CREAM
4. When living at home, I could always count on him to join me in a mid night snack of PB & Honey, or of course Ice cream
5. He had the best snowy white hair
6.He grew up with deaf parents, which made his such a strong person
7. He has 15, soon to be 17 grad kids that absolutely love him.
8. He is the HARDEST worker I know.
9. He supported my mom and all 8 kids!
10. He made all us kids work for what he had, never just handed us things, which I am so grateful for
11. Has such a strong testimony of the Gospel and Jesus Christ
12. He is always is sharing his Testimony
13. He farts more then anyone I know! No matter where we are or who is around
14. I have honestly never heard him say a unkind thing about someone.
15. He taught me how to drive my first and LAST stick shift
16. He is such a great husband to my mom.
17. He loves going on family trips
18. He stands up for what he believes in
19. He would do anything and everything for all his kids
20. He gives the BEST advice
21. He is always coming up with new ideas to make money
22. You would think he was a celebrity if he walked into a room of deaf people.
23. He supports me in all I do
24. He is ALWAYS wanting to spend time with his family!
25. He has built a successful business which has been going strong for 23 years!
26. He is always begging for us to have more kids. He doesn't want our family to stop growing
27. He loves us individually
28. He made it possible for me to get a education.
29. He made it possible for me to grow up dancing and developing my talents
30. He is a sleep talker, which gets pretty funny
31. Can always count on him to go on ANY vacation planned
32. He ALWAYS puts God first
33. He can always make you laugh even when you don't want too (usually by farting)
34. He goes to work everyday wanting to make a difference in someones life.
35. He puts EVERYONE before himself
36. He is ALWAYS smiling
37. He gave me the nickname of "ELLE WOODS"
38. He has been for me through out my life and has never missed an important event
39. He would adopt 20 disabled kids if he could
40. He is ALWAYS trying to help those in need
41. He is so loving
42. You can always find a pile of cat food next to whatever he is eating so that he can feed the DOG at the same time
43. He is always doing his Christmas, birthday, or anniversary shopping the LAST minute
44. I know he loves me without him saying it
45. He is the one the would always remind me the I needed to wait for Pete while he was on his mission
46. He thinks people can't hear him when really they can..... which at time has gotten him in trouble.
47. He loves and would do anything for his parents
48. He takes people into him home that needs somewhere to stay
49. He goes crazy when there is a SALE (That's where I get it from)
50. He is my Hero

My dad is my number one hero, I have looked up to him ever since I was a little girl and wanted to become just like him! While dating Pete I would always compare his traits to my dads. Also my dad was the one person I needed to approve of Pete before I could marry him. I trust my dad, I have NEVER met someone so kind and loving. He looks for ways to help other every chance he gets. I am SO lucky to have him as MY dad!
Love you dad!


  1. aww these are such adorable pictures! It is sucha small world that you went to Jr. High with Dall!! I have too been following your blog (secretly) hehe. I found it though the Barras' blog! You & your hubby are adorable & congrats on thesweet baby girl! (I think that's what you said you were having?)

  2. Mal! Your dad sounds SO cute! I want to hear all about your vacation! How was it with the babe?