Friday, March 5, 2010

20 WEEKS Survey

So I came across this survey the other day and thought it was a great idea too take it at least once a month or whenever things change. Everyday something new happens and I think to myself that I need to write it down. I have also tried to remember 5 weeks ago and how I was feeling and I can't even remember (I swear pregnancy eats your brain cells) No JOKE!
So to start off.....

How far along?: 20 weeks
How big is baby?: A banana! YUM 10.5 ounces (not so much a bean anymore)
Weight Gain?: I am up to 6 lbs..... I have to keep reminding myself its good to gain weight it means baby is growing... I hope its the baby at least!
Stretch Marks?: I did have a melt down one day because I thought I saw a stretch mark, I called Pete at work almost in tears, he reminded me that I was pregnant and its normal to get them. That night we discovered it was gone, I don't know if I was seeing things or what but thank goodness and hopefully greasing up my body every night will keep them away!!
Maternity Clothes?: Not yet, I have bought a couple for the future but haven't worn them yet. I can't stand wearing jeans so for now I am living in leggings and long shirts or dresses!
Sleep?: Its all I want to do, I seriously go fall asleep at 8 P.M. However, I get scared to fall asleep to see what the dream god has in store for me each night....
Best moment this week?: being only a week away from finding out what we are having!
Food cravings?: lately its been, Cheetos, cookies, & wheat puff cereal!
Movement?: No not yet that I know of :(
Gender?: TOMORROW!
What I miss?: being able to walk up the stairs and not be out of breath, fitting into my clothes, & Zuppas (haven't been able to eat their since it made me sick the first week)
Belly button?: Innie!
What I'm looking forward to?: Tomorrow, seeing the little bean, hearing the heartbeat and of course being able to call it a he or her instead of it!
Milestone?: Making it 20 weeks without finding out what we are having

Drum roll please........

And here is the belly.......

(So I don't have this whole belly picture thing down yet)

I think they baby is growing in my face!


  1. I am soo excited for you to find out! You better post it on here or text me! Have so much fun tomorrow seeing your little baby!!

  2. By the way you look great mal you don't even look pregnant at all! LUCKY!

  3. YOU look sooo cute!!! and tan:) CONGRATS on the lil GIRL:) yay

  4. CONGRATS Mal!! You're gonna be such great parents, I can already tell :) I am stealing this survey and doing one of my own so I can see how things change too, good idea!!!