Monday, March 8, 2010

It's a.........

Not just a girl, but a HEALTHY little girl! We couldn't be more happy, However it was a BIG surprise!! Us along with MOST of our families were for sure it was a boy!! Until, last night I asked Pete what he thinks, and he said a GIRL! Then last night, I couldn't sleep, I was too excited and just wanted it to be morning geez you would have thought it was Christmas morning... to me it was better!! The little sleep I did get, I would dream that after we got our ultrasound we had to wait for a letter to come in the mail which ours said... ITS A BOY! So I woke up this morning convinced it was going to be a boy.

The morning finally came, our appointment was at 8:00 a.m. Of course we were late, no matter how early we leave for the doctors we can NEVER seem to make it on time. So of course I was freaking out thinking they were not going to be able to fit us in even though we ended up only being 5 minute late, which to me is like a hour! We finally got there, filled out some paper work, which have I mentioned I HATE filling out paper work... then..... "Mallory" was called! I was so excited, Yes, to find out the gender but also to see the little peanut, and to hear the heart! We went into a room, got up on the chair/table thingy. Our technician put some gel stuff on me and then WA BAM! There SHE was!! To be honest we couldn't even tell half of the time what we were looking at, except for the hands and feet which was enough for me to want to cry! It was truly amazing! We also got to hear the heart that was going strong 148 bpm. After checking everything the technician said she think she knows what it is but couldn't be sure and needs the doctor to take a look. So she left and we waiting in amazement. Pete told me to get up and shake so that our little baby would open up the legs, I told him maybe its a girl, because a boy would have those legs wide open showing off what hes got where a girl wouldn't be wanting the world to see! Little did I know I was right! The doctor came back in and said we had a good looking baby but not sure what it was and needed to take another look at it. We told her were not leaving until we get the peanut to open up! She turned back on the screen and open it was! Me, not knowing what I was exactly looking at, saw a little white thing and said, "Its a boy huh?". She looked at me and said, "Have you seen a wiener before, and are you looking at the same screen I am?" I said well ya, isn't that white thing a wiener? She says no, that's the leg and we are looking at a little GIRL!! I WAS SHOCKED and so excited!! I kept asking her if she was for sure. She said that from what she see its a GIRL! I was so happy to finally know our little peanut is a little GIRL!! I looked at Pete, and he had the biggest smile! I can't wait to see him with her! He is going to be wrap around her little finger!!!!
So now that we know, time for shopping, color picking, , planning and name thinking!!!!


  1. YAY! You will be so amazed at how much she will change your world. I can't wait for you to experience motherhood and for you to see Pete with her. I was so excited for Paizley to come but I think I was more excited to see Kevin with her and it was amazing! I can't believe you are half way there she will be here so soon! Take it easy Mal and have fun on your cruise next week!

  2. Congrats!!! You have one happy cousin over here. Emma keeps asking "What is Mal going to name my new baby girl cousin?" So cute. Glad she's healthy and everything went so well this morning.

  3. SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU BOTH! You will love being Parents! There is seriously nothing better!!!!