Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tickets booked.. now just waiting to pack our bags!!!

Our Tickets are booked!

For awhile now we have been wanting to go on a trip....
#1. To get out of this cold weather.... don't get me started
#2. Spend time together without, work or school!
#3. and to just relax and get away

But the deal breaker was......

#4. take a trip just us two or without trying to find a babysitter!

So in a little more the 3 weeks, we will be sailing away on this beauty!

We are so excited! I LOVE cruises, and Pete has never been on one. I am so excited to share this experience with him because I just know he is going to love it!

Are first stop is...
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Next is....
Mazatlan, Mexico

Last is.....
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!!

and 3 relaxing days being LAZY on the ship! I have never done a 7 day. A 5 day was long enough for me but I will let you know how it goes. We figured we would rather be with each other on a ship in hot Weather, then to be at work or school!


  1. oh you'll love 7 day cruises, they're so fun and its the perfect amount of time to be on the ship!! Enjoy :)

  2. Im so jealous! I hope you have so much fun. I wish we could have came!

  3. i am SOOOOO jealous! that will be so fun for you guys!!!

  4. I'm MORE then jealous!!! We wen't to puerto Vallarta on our honeymoon, and I want to go back sooo bad!! Are there any tickets left?? I want to go??

  5. Ya there actually is!!! COME! its over spring break! I think the tickets went up like 100$ but its still cheap for 7 days!

  6. TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!!! Sean and I would so be going if he wasn't on a base and not able to leave! MARK MY WORDS we will do a trip together next year as married couples I CANT WAIT!!! It will be what we have talked about doing together since Jr. High! A dream come true :) Love you!

  7. WOOHOO! Count us in on that trip!
    xoxo Erin Burk