Sunday, February 21, 2010

One year ago!

We headed down to Vegas as a happy couple, and I returned with a RING on my finger and us as a newly engaged couple!:)

Before getting on the gondola, I had no idea this was it, I won't go into detail because I am a little embarrassed of what a brat I was and thinking Pete was crazy for paying what he did for us to go on this.... Even though I have always wanted to ride on one of these things!
As the Italian guy sang he handed us a gift box! Well because of the price to ride on this thing and the rest of Vegas... everything cost money. Me thinking that this was something they wanted us to open and have so that at the end they could charge us I told Pete not to open it......... lol Finally Pete made me open it and...
There is was...... the most beautiful ring I had ever seen!!!
He got down on his kneel and popped the question! He was shaking, I was shaking which made us drop one of the rings (bands)...opps. I wish I would have remembered what he said but I was to excited and shocked!

And of course I said YES!

This is us searching for the band
As we got to the end everyone was clapping it was quit the show!!! The rest of the trip I was on cloud 9! The was the best choice I ever made! I love this kid and am so lucky I was the one he asked to marry!

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