Monday, February 15, 2010

LOVE day!

This year Valentines didn't go so much as planned. With pregnancy hormones (which yes, I will blame them on being pregnant), and other things that were planned we kinda ran out of time.
We decided that since we are going on a trip in less the a month to just call that our Valentine gift to each other and to just try and keep it cheap this year! So.... I have been wanting to cook this lemon rice which I am obsessed with and thought it would be perfect to make it for our Valentine dinner. So two days before I went to the store(without a shopping list) and picked up things that I needed. Once I got home I realized I had forgotten a couple of things and went back the next day.

We also decided to celebrate it on Saturday. Pete had planned to surprise me by taking me to see "Valentines day" which I had mentioned I wanted to see. However, our scheduling of time didn't turn out so great. Pete helped his cousin move in the morning and then we told my nephew we would make sure to make it to his last basketball game. So the movie was pushed back until after dinner. We made it to Caden's basketball game which he did great! I can't believe how big he is getting! After that we headed to my parents to pick up a couple of things and then I realized for the 3rd time I needed a couple of things at the store for dinner so we ran to the store AGAIN! (again with no shopping list, you would think I would have learned)
Once we got home it was about 6:30 and this rice takes at least a hour to cook so i figured I would get started! I look at the recipe and realize I didn't have real butter, which I thought I had and I couldn't find the chicken broth that I knew I had. So after I tore our house apart looking for these dumb chicken broth things I lost it. To go to the store is out of the way, it takes so long so once we get home, we are home. So back to where I lost it..... People have asked me if I had been more moody since being pregnant and I took pride in saying that I have actually been more carefree and happy. That was until this night. I look back now and laugh because I really thought the world was coming to an end because of this stupid rice.... Of course Pete was there and was sweeter then ever trying to comfort me in this break down of mine..... I even remember saying, "I don't know why I am crying, but I can't stop" that is when I knew it was these pregnancy hormones. Pete suggested that we just go out to dinner and that maybe we weren't meant to cook dinner because just about everything had gone wrong, but I insisted on not spending money and I wasn't waiting hours to eat somewhere not worth it so, Pete being the sweet husband he is, ran to the store even though it meant we wouldn't be eating until about 8:30 PM.

He came home to a candle light setting and we finished making dinner and or course he was in charge of the Chicken making!

After all, the dinner/my rice turned out great it was almost all worth it. Even though it was nice not waiting for a table somewhere or beating the crowds I don't think we will be doing that again, well at least if I am pregnant!!!
Of course we had a little visit from Isabelle!! I don't know what we are going to do when we don't get to see her and Hannah everyday! We can always count on her to give us a laugh with either the outfit she comes and shows us, or the things she says, or repeating things that Pete tell her too! lol
Sunday, I wasn't feeling so great and sent Pete to church by himself to pass out cookies to our class. Later that night we made cookies and delivered them to our family and friends!

Because of our crazy weekend, we never did get to go see the movie. I got home from work on Monday and their sitting by the door was flowers and a card with two movie tickets in it! AAWWW I have the best husband! The movie was great except a couple of parts you had to laugh because of how stupid they were!

I hope everyone had a great Valentines day!

Pete I couldn't of asked for a better person to be my Valentines! I am seriously so lucky to have you all to myself! thanks for being there in my break down and not laughing at me even though I know you wanted to!! Your the best! Love your guts!



  1. mal! omg! that is exactly what i'm making on friday for dinner! Rice, chicken and asparagus! I just don't have any idea how to prepare the rice! What recipe did you use?! i am rice impaired... i have no idea how to make it! HELP!

  2. The cookies were great thanks Mal! :) And I know what you mean about the crying! That happened to me alll the time. I would be so frustrated and cry over the DUMBEST things! So don't feel bad if it happens a lot I know everyone goes through it! I wish I could remember all the stupid things I cried over you'd die but I think I made myself forget because I was soo embarrassed about it haha!

  3. haha this is soo funny!! and I LOVE your cute plates:) also could I get that rice recipe?? it must have been good with all the effort you put into making it!! and plus it looks SUPER good.

  4. Oh Mal that is SO funny! Most days I feel pretty "normal" but then something sets me off and I cry like a crazy woman! Yes you can blame it on pregnancy and it is TOTALLY normal. And you have such a sweet husband to go to the store again for you, glad your Valentines turned out great!