Monday, February 15, 2010

Landons Blessing!

I am a little behind on my blogging so I will try to catch up!

Two Sundays ago, our nephew Landon was blessed! It is always good to get together with the family and especially for something like this!

He is such a good baby! I can't get enough of him! It gets us so excited to get to have our own.... Only 5 more months!

McKay, he cracks us up whether its because he is awnry, pissing off him mom or giving us kisses, he makes a laugh!
We also celebrated Caden's 10th birthday and of course watched the SUPER BOWL! However, Caden was really sick so he just came down to open his gifts and then went back up to his room!

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  1. Can I just give you my credit card and you can go shopping for me? Seriously all of your post you have the cutest clothes on I'm so jealous! Anyway, every time I look on your blog I get excited to see what your having!! :D