Friday, February 12, 2010

2nd Doctors Appointment!

Went yesterday to my 2nd appointment!
Heard the little(super fast, but normal) Heat beat.....Amazing!
Was told that my blood work came back good (good thing I went through a lot to give them that blood)
Also Scheduled an ultrasound to find out the GENDER!

Yes.... I did decided to wait, and I have put off buying both gender clothes. I figure I can wait 3 more long weeks! However, I must say my last purchase made me super excited. Because I realized there is A LOT of adorable boy clothes just as much as girl clothes so I am in luck! Pete is like every boy hoping to get his little/tough first boy to do all that boy stuff. Me on the other hand could careless! Honestly, eventually I want a boy and a girl so whatever one god wants to give me first I will take! :)

p.s Alicia I know you have asked me a million times how we found out and I promise it is coming. I have been working on the post for awhile now just waiting for some pictures! So keep checking back!


  1. Glad everything is going well! I cant wait for you to find out what this little baby is! Or to meet him/her! 3 weeks! ahh thats so exciting!! I dont know how some people wait until it is born.

  2. Mallory, maybe you are having TWINS and you can by clothes for BOTH!!! :)