Monday, December 14, 2009

The joys of being Pregnent!

So, now that the news is out I figure I would tell you a little about my experience. Most people ask me if I get morning sickness.... Well its not morning sickness is afternoon sickness. the first couple of weeks it would hit at 12:00 PM and I would be starving to the point where I was sick. I usually don't take my lunch until about 2 because I don't get hungry till then. So I would have to force food down me because I had NO appetite at all! I mean the sound of food made me want to throw up. So my gold fish crackers where the only thing that didn't sounds gross however they didn't sound good either. Finally I would eat lunch and that made it worse.
What the freak! I am sick cause I don't eat, then when I do I am sick as well! Please don't tell me this is how its going to be for 9 months!

The only thing that even sounds good was bean and cheese burritos, (Cafe Rio, or taco bell, however Taco bell only sounded good for one week).
If Pete would even mention things like Peso anything which I used to be obsessed with made me want to run to the bathroom.
Also looks like I am back to being Vegetarian, every thought I had about meat is back in my brain and I don't even want to touch it... It was good while it lasted! :(

Smells are a different story. I truly wanted to put a clip on my nose all day because every smell would make me gag. Pete thought I was faking it so that I wouldn't have to do the dishes...I told him that he didn't want to see what would happen if he made me do them.
I would walk into a store and instantly I would start to gag and have to run out.
FYI, Wal Mart is not a store to go into when you are pregnant!

After all this I still haded thrown up which I was grateful for sometimes but other times I just wish I would cause maybe it would take away the sickness.

Ok, so for those of you who know what being drugged up feels like, where you can't even keep you eyes open and you start to talk and no one knows what your saying including yourself. Well I used to love that feeling and feeling so relaxed. That's because I had nothing to worry about I could stay in bed all day because usually I was recovering from surgery or something like that but let me just tell you, when you HAVE to wake up, get ready, clean your house and go to work its NOT fun! I seriously hit a point in my day when I feel like someone just drugged me because I can't keep my eyes open or even function.
All I want to do is sleep, they say you should be working out while being pregnant.... how in the heck do people do it. I would pass out if I tried to go to the gym. I swear I am completely out of breath just from walking up 20 stairs.

I am now 9 weeks and I feel that it is getting better. Smells still gross me out and only some foods sound good but I have now learned to not let myself get to the starving stage cause then I just make it worse by eating so I have learned to snack all day even if nothing sounds good.

Pete has been great. He is so good at getting me whatever I want and is always so concerned about if I am eating enough to feed our baby!:) It is so cute to see how excited he is about becoming a dad! We are so excited. Each day it seems to be more real and real to us and we get more and more excited! Even after all the sickness and whatever else I am in for I know it will soooo be worth it. I just wish we didn't have to wait 9 months!!

This week our baby is developing hand and face features! It is the size of a grape and has developed its genders parts however its too small to tell what gender parts it has developed! Its so crazy how fast a little baby can grow inside of you!


  1. THis is soo funny!! but also I feel super bad for you at the same time. hope the sickness goes away soon, and doesn't last the whole pregnancy:) Now you shoul post telling how you found out??? I'm dying to know....did you just feel sick first and then think oh no I might be prego....or missed a period first or what?? haha I'm sooooo excited for you guys!! Love you.

  2. Mal I'm so sorry your not feeling well! That really sucks but it will all be worth it in the end. . .And if you find out early what the sex is like I did you will be able to in just 6 weeks!! Then you could call me and we could go baby shopping :]!!! There are so many fun things to buy you will go nuts. And once I know what your having I will probably go crazy buying for you cuz I can't resist baby clothes let alone clearance haha! Oh have you ever heard of preggie pops? I wasn't really sick so I didn't use them but I've heard they help with the nausea. . .Well good luck!! Love you!

  3. Oh Mal I loved reading this! I am so glad you can share all the little things that are going on because other wise I wouldn't get all the details! Keep on snacking girl and feed that baby! Its so funny because everything that you just said, Vanessa says the same thing. She was talking about people breath and how she always gags haha. If you even need any help I am always here! Love you so much!!

  4. mal. now, i promise i've still been reading up on the daily blog. i am just no longer allowed to comment at work. it's blocked. it's so annoying. but i am so excited for you and pete! you will seriously be the cutest mom in the entire world. and by the pictures of pete with kids, the best dad. CONGRATS! :)

  5. Mal,

    I was the SAME WAY! I hardly ever barfed but I was tired all the time, nauseated ALL the time especially if I went too long without eating and the smell of chicken made me want to barf. Although I hardly threw up, I honestly felt like barfing would have been better cause then it's just overwith but feeling nauseated lasts SO LONG! Anyways I just thought I'd let you know you're not alone in the misery and it DOES GET BETTER! I'm almost fourteen weeks now and still need a nap every now and then but NOTHING like how it was in my first trimester. I can now eat and cook chicken without wanting to run to a toilet.

    BUT you should definitely think about packing snacks at work. Pretzels, little sandwiches, fruits, veggies - anything that will hold you over until you can take your lunch. Cause I know what you mean, when you don't eat you start to feel sick but then by the time you CAN eat you feel so sick that you don't WANT to eat but you HAVE to because it will make you feel better. Anyways sorry for the long comment. I'm so excited for you!