Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So, I know that we are only a week and a few days away from Christmas but I know how busy you have been so I am pretty sure you are just getting to the top of your list where my name is!

There are just a few things that I need this year and a couple more that I want. I know that your poor little elves are probably tired of making gifts so don't think I need all of these things just a few!

*M.A.C Eye Liner (Nordstrom)
*New make up brushes (Nordstrom)
*Teeth Whitening
*Eye Lash Curler (anywhere, target, wal-mart)
*eye liner sharpener (a GOOD one)
*My husband to get a new job so he can be happy!
*A big fat kiss!

*Jeans(Buckle or Nordstrom)
*Chain for my charm Necklace
*PJ shirt (Victoria Secret)
*Leather Boots
*Candle vases (ask Pete I showed them to him at modern display)
*VACATION (New york, Mexico or a Cruise)

Love you Santa! I won't forget to leave you an extra cookie again this year!:)

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  1. Mal I found another sweet cheap website!! everything is 60-70% off. shoes, clothes everything!!!