Thursday, May 7, 2009

No more Wisdom Teeth!

A couple of weeks ago my mouth was killing me, i honestly had never felt so much pain. I was told that all my wisdom teeth were in and i didn't even need to get them out so i didn't think that was the problem. I was trying to put dentist off because i was afraid that was it and thats all i needed before the wedding was to get my wisdom teeth removed. But the pain was killing me so i went and got them checked!! And of course those stupid teeth were the problem. The dentist said that it would be smart to get them out before i got married because then i wouldn't have to pay for them and in case it got worse i wouldn't be in pain for the wedding. I can't tell you how bad i didn't want them to be taken out! I hate the dentist!

We didn't know when we were going to schedule it because there was no way i could take off work. Finally we found a day which was Tuesdaay. I was scared to death all i heard the day before was people that had taken two weeks to recover. I didn't have two weeks to recover! I didn't even have time to recover in one day!! I had so much to do before the wedding. So i went in Tuesday. They told me they would put me out, which to be honestly thats was i was most scared about. last time i was told i was going to be put out they couldn't find a vain and so they didn't end up putting me out. I told this doctor that if they can't find one i am not getting them taken out. There was no way i could be awake for this. It took awhile for them to finally find one that thats the last i remember. I rememeber waking up and they handed me my teeth, I was so out of it and confused. My mom way waiting in the waiting room and the doctor didn't know she was my mom and came out laughing telling all the nurses, " WE have a live one in there". My mom could hear all the nurses laughing. Yup, good thing i was out of it because i don't even want to know what i was doing. After, my mom took me to Target to pick up the meds, she told me she was just going to run in real fast but i insisted on going in. once i realize i couldn't stand up on my own i then isisted in getting inside the shopping cart. My mom sat there laughing so hard it took fifteen mins just to get into the store. I was completely out of it and i don't remember anything but my mom said that she was so embessressed for me! That night I had some visitors and felt great! It was nothing like i expected. I didn't feel any pain! lets hope it stays that way!

Before.....Scared to death!

Ha ha completly out of it!!! only half of my face would function!

After shopping!

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