Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Trying something new. SOCCER!....

This year we decided to give Soccer a try. There is a huge Soccer field by our house and for a while, every time we drove by I would ask Hadlee if she wanted to play. Her response was always, "No, that's for boys." However, out of no where she started asking me if she could play. So we decided to sign her up not knowing how it would go.
The first practice, she cried the whole time, wouldn't even talk to the coach, touch her jersey, leave my side. I figured this is how the whole season was going to go. She even asked to quit. As much as I wanted to let her quit because who wants to take her child to every game just to throw a fit, I told her that she wasn't going to quit. I told her that we were going to go to every game and she at least had to kick the ball at least once and then she could come sit down.
First game, she did a lot better. She actually played and chased the ball. It helped that her cousin Landon was on her team and was the star player ;). Each game she got more comfortable. Each game was different.However, the ONE game that I had to leave early she made a goal...... SERIOUSLY! I was so sad I missed it but so proud of her!
First game compared to last game.

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