Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Our Summer fun/Summer bucket list.....

This summer has been one for the books! We have been on the go non stop and spending as much time as possible outside and trying to check off everything from our 50 days of Summer list which we all contributed too! Here is some pictures to recap our summer fun!
May: My mom, Maxx and I drove to Rigby Idaho to surprise Pollie (My collage roommate and one of my best friends) at her baby shower. She had no idea I was coming nor did she even know I was invited!
Started a play group with a bunch of High School friends. It is so fun having kids all the same ages and watching them play together and getting a chance to catch up with old friends.
Played outside all day, everyday with our neighbors!

Had a girls day and sleep over with our cousin Kenz
Tried to spend time at the Library at least once a week.

Try to serve our neighbors
Went Yard sale hopping and found some killer deals

Had yummy breakfast at Ruth diner with the Burks

Had some more play dates at Wheeler Farm
More time at the Library
Invited family to join us up in the Mountains for tin foil dinners and s'mores

 Hunted down a Food Truck for dinner..... if you can even call this dinner.
 Spent time at Thanksgiving Point, The Museum of the Natural Curiosity with friends.
 Discovered Utah's Beach.... Herriman Lake. Spent many sunny days here.

 Decided we needed a new member in out family and we welcomed Gil and Molly...... We loved them while they lasted which was longer then we expected.

We got used to having brother around and didn't know what we did without him.

We on a family bike ride
 Made lots of homemade popsicles
 Spent time with family... playing red rover

Although we completely the majority of our Summer Bucket list there was a few we weren't able to get to. We can't wait to make a new list for next summer!

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