Tuesday, June 10, 2014

School is out, time for SUMMER.....

This week we started it out with a Field Trip to the Fire Station to end the school year. Hadlee had been waiting weeks for this day all because she has a special questions to ask the fireman. After days and trying to get it out of her she finally told me that her questions she was just dying to ask them was, "How many buttons do you guys have". Not quite sure why she was so curious about this but she was. As soon as she saw the fireman she ran up to them to ask them. They were a little confused and wasn't sure how to answer...

Today was Hadlee's last day of school. I can't believe a year has gone by. It took a few months to get use to having Hadlee gone during the day. However, half way through the year I learned to take full advantage of those few hours and got all my errands done during that time.
Hadlee loved and looked forwards to going to Pre School. She loved seeing all of her friends including her "boyfriend"... yea what the heck, do I really have to deal with this in Pre School? holy moly! Her teacher would always inform me that she was the only girl that liked to play with the boys in her class. Although, we loved school we are so ready for summer and all the fun things planned. 

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