Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Last visit to Grandma Hind....

About the last 2 years, every time I would visit my Grandma she would always questions who I was and what son of hers I belonged too. To be honest, at times I took it personal. I found myself questioning even visiting her because she never knew who I was. On Sunday my dad send out a family text to let us know that my Grandma has pneumonia and has chosen not to treat it which means any day,may be her last. This was devastating news. Although I want her to be out of her pain and be with my grandpa again, it is never easy saying good bye. I knew that I had to make time to go visit her with my kids. My dad had prepared us saying that she didn't look so good. We were pleasantly surprised. As soon as we walked in Hadlee instantly ran to give her the biggest hug. They embraced each other for a minute or so and my Grandma was thrilled and couldn't stop laughing. She looked great, she had gotten ready for the day with jewelry and all. More importantly she knew exactly who I was, who my kids were and was asking me all sorts of questions about my life. It was seriously just what I needed. I am so grateful for that visit. As we were leaving she said, "come back soon" I left crying knowing there may not be too many of these visited left. Two days after this visit she returned home to her Heavenly Father and her sweetheart.

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