Sunday, May 18, 2014

5 Years of Bliss.......

This year we weren't able to do our normal tradition which is to plan a trip for our Anniversary because I was still on Maternity leave and wasn't able to fly. So since it was my year to plan, I planned a little night getaway downtown. It was a much needed grown up time. After checking into our hotel we headed to dinner. We decided to try something new, Indian Food. Himalayan Kitchen was right down the street from our hotel. It was delicious. Both of us left there with a new favorite type of food. That was the start of our Indian food obsession. 
After dinner we headed to the Downtown Harmon's which is incredible. I know its just a grocery store but it has such a different atmosphere. The purpose of going here was to get our favorite Ice Cream, Ben and Jerrie's!
To end the night we did a little shopping and then back to the hotel we went to eat our ice cream and just relax without the kids. Perfect night!

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