Thursday, February 27, 2014

Called to Serve in the.....

For weeks leading up to this day we all casted our votes to where in the world Jan and Dale were going to get their mission call. Our guesses: Mallory's: Hawaii/Texas Pete's: California Hadlee's:Disneyland Maxx:Salt Lake City... Pete thought he was funny making this guess for Maxx. We all put a dollar into the pot and.... Out of everyone that voted the winner was.... MAXX.Yup, that's right, they are called to serve in the Family and Church History Headquarters Mission (In Salt Lake City). At first we were a little bummed because planning to visit them in Salt Lake city wasn't as excited as getting to visit them in Hawaii. However, we couldn't be more happy now. They will be super close to us, closer then they are now. And we will be able to see them more often. We are excited for them to experience this new journey in life and we know they are going to be such great missionaries.

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