Saturday, December 21, 2013

Our December fun....

December we filled our calendars with as much fun activities and family get together as we could. Of course, our little elf Louie came back this year to make sure that we were all staying in line. This year Louie wasn't too smart/sneaky and was caught multiple times in action. We also had to go a few days without his presence in our house because someone was having a hard time with following the rules and listening to mom. However, overall he did get to give a great report to Santa!
The first week of December my parents invited us to join them at a live nativity Downtown. It was freezing but so worth it. This is something we are defiantly going to do every year.
Me and Hadlee also went to see Santa at our ward Christmas breakfast. Santa was a sad that Pete had to work and wasn't able to sit on his lap.
We also got lucky and got the 12 days of Christmas done to us by my sisters family who had us for Christmas. We got lots of cute gifts/treats and the best was they had us over for dinner.
We spend A LOT of time doing art projects and making yummy treats.

Happy December

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