Friday, November 1, 2013

Month of OCTOBER.......

Our October ended up being a busy month with a lot of fun activities including:
Pumpkin picking at Peterson's Farm which we are lucky to have right down the street from us
We were invited to a Halloween party by one of Pete's friends from work. My costume wasn't complete so Dad was a good sport and dressed up with Hads.

Had so much fun dressing up in our favorite Halloween attire
Got to go Trick or Treating at Grandma Greats retirement center
Of course, made a few batches of our favorite sugar cookies
Had a porch we got to decorate
Got to dress up for a Halloween party at Preschool
Got to go and watch our cousin walk in their school's Halloween parade.
Got to go visit dad at work and Trick or Treat around his office
For Halloween night, we headed up to my sisters house so Hadlee could join her cousins for some fun Trick Or Treating. Of, course I was sicker then sick and sat on the couch all night in pain.... Post soon to come.
By the end of the day we were all Trick or Treated out and had plenty of candy to last us all year!

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