Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tebb's Halloween Party {2013}......

It was another successful Halloween!
This year Hadlee got to have the full say in what our little family was going to be for Halloween. Of course, she choose her favorite Disney Princess (Jasmine) for herself to be and then requested dad to be Aladdin. I didn't have many choices of what I could be but decided the Magic Carpet would best suit a Pregnant chick..... I loved how they turned out and the best part was Hadlee was thrilled and thought it was so funny to play dress up with mom and dad.
My sister and husband went all out once again and threw such a fun party with family and friends. I love seeing what everyone comes as because it is something we keep a surprise until that night. This year my parents took home the "Most Favorite Costume" award. Which aren't they so cute?
Yes, that is her real belly.... 9 months pregnant
Next year may be a little harder being we have to find a costume to go with a family a 4! We have some ideas which I am super excited for...... until next year!

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