Thursday, September 26, 2013

Half Way Mark.... 20 Weeks

It seems so unreal that I am half way there of meeting my sweet baby. This pregnancy has been a little different. Time has gone by way faster, and I haven't felt too pregnant like I did with Hadlee. This week we had our gender ultrasound. This time I realized how important this was more then I did with Hadlee. I remember with Hadlee I just thought that I would find out the gender that was it. Well this time I realized this was Ultrasound that tells the doctors just how healthy your baby is so far. It was a little nerve wracking. We/I also decided we were going to wait to find out the gender, I know call me crazy. I have my reasons even though no one seems to understand. Pete doesn't get it... it may just be a girl thing, but finding out in the doctors office just isn't my thing.
So far he has agreed to wait a month, which I say Christmas so we will see.

However, boy or girl this baby is healthy as can be and couldn't be any cuter! It seems so unreal that I am going through this again. As much as it takes me back to a few years ago experiencing this with Hadlee it is so different and I love it.

I feel horrible that I have been such a slacker at tracking this pregnancy. There are things I actually wish I would have kept track of with Hadlee and I didn't. You would think I would have learned. But with being a mom, wife, and working full time I barley have time to think about how far along I am.
Some things I have kept track of is.....

16 Weeks: I actually could see the "baby bump" coming to town
19 Weeks: I have the lower bump (for some reason I think this is the weirdest)
20 Weeks: I feel baby moving constantly, mostly at night.
20 Weeks: starting to gain weight, had lost 4 lbs from pre baby weight.

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