Friday, July 5, 2013

Goodbye Valois Drive...

The day finally came that we all had to say goodbye to this house.
I have many memories at this house such as the first time Pete brought me to meet his mom, the time that Pete and I skipped school and Dale happened to come home from work that day and there we were in his room (Not doing anything... but to him it looked bad), Meeting with Dale and Jan when Pete was on his mission telling him we no longer were going to be writing, all the family dinners, Holidays, and living with them for 6 months.
However, for Pete of course this house is his childhood house, the only house he knew of. He took it hard. As much as his parents talked about moving he never thought it would really happen. None of us did.
The Sunday before they had to be out we had our last family Sunday dinner, helped finish loading the trailer and then went through there house and collected all the stuff they didn't want to take and we wanted. 
We are sure going to miss these two and hope that even though they are only 4 hours away we will be able to see them a lot!
I think Hadlee is going to have the hardest time, she sure loves Grandma Jan!
Pete inherited his first set of tools..... he was pretty excited about this.
Isabelle found Pete's old scout badges and was so excited that Pete agreed to give them to her.

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