Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Surprise Anniversary Trip to Amsterdam.....

It was Pete's year this year to plan and surprise me with a trip. Last year I was bribed into telling him what I had planned a week before so this year I told him that it was really going to be a surprise. I knew that we were going out of the country but had no idea where.
Friday night we took the red eye flight to New York. Our flight out of New York didn't leave until latter that night so we decided to take full advantage of the City. We jumped on the subway and went to all our favorite stops. 
First Stop was canal Street. This was Pete's choice. He buys knock off sun glasses and then they always break which keeps us coming back for more. Probably should just pay the pretty penny for some nice ones that won't break someday. Next stop 5th ave. this street I could spend days upon days there. After doing some shopping we walked down to Time square and the straight up to Central Park. We decided to get some lunch and have a picnic. After lunch we decided to knock something off our bucket list.... Riding bike through Central Park. Not sure why we haven't done this before but it was seriously my favorite thing I have done in New York. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be but so worth it!
Pete was so excited to eat from the food trucks.... I wasn't trusting those things!
After our little bike ride we headed back to the airport. I was still unsure at this point where we were headed until we checked in our bags. As the lady mentioned that we were checked in for our flight to AMSTERDAM!
Pete and I had talked about going there not just because of the good things we have heard but because that is where Pete's Heritage is from. His Grandpa grew up there and we had been dying to go. I was so excited. To top it off we cleared for Business class which is always a trip in itself.
We arrived the next morning. Their Airport is huge with a train station on the bottom level. After taking a few trains and then a bus we arrived at our hotel which was SO European. Sharing a bathroom was something new to us and almost made me Pee my pants the first night because I swear someone feel asleep while on the toilet.
This city was beautiful. Canals on every block, people ride bikes, little flower stores on every corner. I fell in love!

These were our favorite shops... the cheese were to die for and they had the best cookie/crackers.
Steepest stairs of my life... almost died
Our room
The first day we spend exploring the city!
The second day we ventured out to a city named Leiden. This is where Pete's Grandpa grew up.
This city was a ghost town. We probably saw a total of 5 people the whole time we were there. All the stores were closed because of some holiday which mean I guess everyone stays in their houses. But seriously we didn't mind, it was beautiful.
After a day in Leiden we returned to the city to finish up seeing all the places we had missed the day before such as the Anne Frank house. The line was miles long so we didn't get to go inside. Wish we did.

We brought Hads home some dutch slippers
That night it rained, it didn't stop us from enjoying our last night there.
The next morning we headed back to the airport to head back home. We were sad to leave this amazing city but even more excited to see Hadlee!!
It was such a fun Anniversary trip and the best part is that I got to spend time with only Pete. After 4 years we still fight, argue, laugh at each other, get sick of each other but are still madly in love with each other and wouldn't change a thing. Love you babe! Thanks for planning such a fun trip!

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