Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tunis, Africa {Day3}....

The third day we arrived in Tunis Africa. To be honest I actually had no idea we were even going to Africa until the morning we got there..... trust me when I say I had not even a minute to research this trip before going. Anyways, this was a memorable experience. Something I have never experienced anything like. It was a huge eye opener. When you think of Africa you think of more of the Safari and Villages right? Well not this place, more like Iran. The Muslim faith is very big there, women walked the streets covered head to two in beautiful scarfs and some with black cheer black sheets over their heads. All the buildings connected leaving little walk ways in between were garbage was built up and even dead animals. People didn't look both ways when crossing the roads, they just go and there is tons. Cars are dodging the people. To be honest I was scared out of my mind which come to find out I was the only one. My parents and Pete were loving it. Its not that I didn't love it, its just I was so unfamiliar with it.
We took a Taxi to the "city". When you get a Taxi there they are more like a tour guide. They stay with you all day and get out and take you around at each stop. Kind of nice and made us feel more safe. After experiencing the culture we headed to a look out point which was beautiful which was by the "rich" side of town. Very different then what their city was like.

Another night at dinner!

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