Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Proud wife moment.....

I couldn't be most proud of my Petey!
Ever since he set his mind to this goal of his he has worked his butt off and now he is one step closer.
The day was a little stressful... Ok ALOT stressful.
Here is how it went down,
Last week we had complete opposite schedules. I knew that he had his big test/flight on Thursday but that was about it. During the week we didn't talk much about it cause we never saw each other except for our hellos and goodbyes as I am getting home and he is leaving. And I guess I never through to text him all the details except I did know that his test started at 1pm. That day I worked a AM shift, all morning I tried to text him telling him good luck but never got a response. After work I called him and no answer. As it got later I called more which come on, who wouldn't freak if you knew your husband was up in a little plane and was not responding after all day of trying to get a hold of him. Well of course the worst was going through my mind. His dad and I were kind of freaking out. Finally at like 9PM he decided to call. I guess this test/flight was longer then we expected and he was safe and sound. Better yet he PASSED! Bringing this little paper of goodness home with him!
Now onto his next licence, one step closer!
I am so proud of him, he works full time, goes to school full time, and some how manages to be the best dad and husband that I could ever ask for.
Thanks babe for your hard work and I'm so proud of you!

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