Thursday, October 4, 2012

1st time to Disneyland...

Friday morning Hadlee ran up the stairs to see what Minnie had left for to get her excited for Disneyland even though she was as excited as could be. She was so excited to see the bowl and cup that Minnie had left. The morning we packed and were off to Disneyland!
My parents flow in that morning and then we along with my friend Erin and her little boy Liam came along with us that afternoon. After my parents picking up up and checking in to our hotel we decided to head to Downtown Disney to check it out and get us excited for the next day. Erin and Liam met up with Erin;s cousin, while the rest of us went to all the fun Disney stores and grabs some yummy treats. Hadlee was already in heaven, we basically had to drag her out of the Lego's store.
That night as we came back to our hotel The Princesses had left another surprise.... PJ's!
The next morning we were off the the Magical Disneyland bright and early.
 My parents and sisters family got there earlier then us and were already taking advantage of the short lines. When we had arrived at the park they happened to be in the Hunted house, once we got over there they were already on the ride and there was no line. So of course we jumped on in.... the first 5 minutes all Hadlee said was, "Get me out of here". Once we actually got on the ride she loved it. I know what horrible parents we are, right?
 The tea cups were by far Hadlee's favorite. Whenever we asked her what she wanted to go on it was always the Tea Cups!
The second day we took a break, after dropping off Erin, Neal & Liam off at the airport we headed to the beach which I thought there was going to be no way we could swim in the water being that it was October. Well I was way wrong it was hot, the lowest it got the whole time was 94 degrees and one day it even got to 104. Holy cow!
Hadlee of course loved the water and finding all the sea shells.
 My mom was the creeper on the beach with her binoculars out.
 That night we met up with my sister and her family for some yummy pizza!
 The next day we headed back to Disneyland, this day we thought we were a little more prepared for the heat but nothing could prepare you for the heat.....So hot! We spent most of our day at California adventure.

The next day the plan was to go shopping in LA. We decided to just stay the night there since we were flying out of LAX the following Day and it didn't make sense to drive back to Anaheim and then back up to La so we checked out of our hotel in hopes to find one in LA. Well we found out fast that hotels in LA were so freaking expensive and the price we were looking to pay the reviews said we would need to lock our car doors and to plan on seeing bugs in your room. We weren't having it. My dad had the bright idea to fly to Las Vegas, looking up hotels we learned fast that we could stay in the really nice hotels for the same price to stay in these Ghetto hotels in La so what did we do..... jumped on a plane to Las Vegas and spent the night there. All Hadlee wanted to do is go swimming so even though it was dark we hit the pool.
It was such a fun trip. The last time Pete and I had been there was with his family after we had graduated from High School. I remember saying to each other that we were not coming back until we had kids. We look at Disneyland in a whole different way now that we have a kid, it is seriously so much more magical. Seeing Hadlee's reaction was worth everything. We loved it so much that we ended up getting an annual pass so it looks like we will be back for some more soon!!

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