Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 1 {Rome}....

So for months now we have been planning on going to China to visit my sister who is teach English over there. About a month before we were set to leave we found out we needed a visa{go figure}. Well with not so much time we figured we weren't going to have enough time to apply for a visa and it be here on time being that I had already gotten the time off of work. We had to come up with plan B, after researching and changing out mind 20 different times we decided the best idea to explore more then one place was a cruise through the Mediterranean.Since it was planned last minute and I was busy being a mom and working I wasn't able to do much research on our ports. Nor on what the weather was going to be like except go by what my app on my phone said which it was completely wrong. Which left my mom{I might have told her how to pack} and myself completely unprepared for the warm weather.
We started off getting lucky and making out flight from SLC to JFK. From JFK we flew into Milan which we were lucky enough to be seated in Business Elite which lets just say that was a vacation in itself. Movies, food, lay flat beds it was heaven. Once we got into Milan we took a train to Genoa which is where out ship embarked. 
Our first stop was Rome. I have seem lots of movies filmed in Rome and have always dreamed of going there. It was exactly like the movies. I was in shock the whole time that I was actually experiencing all these historical places. Such an amazing place.
This was the result of my dad needing pee and not being able to find a bathroom. He said that he wasn't the only one with this idea being that there were other "water" spots.
that night we were beat and headed to bed straight from dinner.


  1. oh my gosh!! looks so amazing! you guys are so cute!!

  2. Umm, didn't your parents just go on a Mediterranean cruise?
    Looks wonderful!