Sunday, September 23, 2012

The big city!

I was invited to join on of my friend Lisa in New York while she was there training for a new job. Of course I took her up on the offer. The plan was to just go there and relax while she was at work and then at night hit the city. Last minute I asked my parents if they wanted to join me, figuring I may get a little borad there all by myself in the day time and the first night. Of course they took me up on the offer. We took a red eye flight on Monday night and got there bright and early on Tuesday morning. We went back to Lisa's hotel which is where I was staying to drop off our bags and freshen up. It happened to be September 11th and our hotel was only blocks away from where the towers were. There were hundreds of people standing outside of the momorial staring and taking pictures of what used to be the towers. Some were even in tears, such a sad place. The rest of the day was filled with shopping, shopping and of course more shopping. That night Lisa had tickets to a play so we went to dinner, got lost, and checked out Time Square. My parents headed to their hotel and once Lisa we got home ran and got a quick meal then off to bed.... I was beat! The next morning my parents picked me up bright and early for yet another day of... you guessed it, shopping! Lets just say my dad was on one.... never seen a guy love shopping so much! Now if he can just train Pete! They flew out wendesay night so after they left to the airport I snuck in a short nap before Lisa got off work and we went back out so that she could enjoy the New York shopping.
Lets just say for the first time ever I was DONE shopping! Which why Thursday ended up how it did.
I slept in, watched T.V, met up with Lisa for lunch, went back to our room and slept some more, and a little more T.V and seriously it was heaven. I tink every mom needs a day like that!
Anyways, it was such a fun little get away, wish Lisa was able to spend more time with us but she was too busy being a grown up! Thanks Lisa for the invite and for letting me crash with you and eat off of you credit limit :)
P.S aren't my parents the cutest!

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