Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Last minute trip.....

Friday I sent Pete a text asking him what we were going to do this weekend. I told him to pick something from our summer list. One of those things were to go to a sports game. I sent him a text seconds later that said:
We have been spoiled having relative that live there and are so nice to let us stay with them. We also figured this is our last time to visit my cousin Chelsie before she gets married and moves to Denver.
Pete rushed home from work hurried and packed and off we went. The flight was wide open, I am pretty sure everyone had a row to themselves.
We arrived late so we headed right to bed. Saturday we spent all morning and afternoon swimming with family my Aunt and Uncle which was so much fun. After swimming the girls went on a little shopping trip.
After shopping we picked up the boys, grabbed some dinner and hurried to the game.
They were playing the San Diego Padres which sadly but surly they kicked the Diamondbacks butts! But oh well it was fun anyways.
Hadlee kept calling my uncle Boyd Grandpa.... getting him ready for his first grand kid that arrives in a couple of months :)

Thanks Taylor Family for letting us come spend the weekend with you guys!
We sure love ya and can't wait to see ya in a couple of weeks!

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  1. That is seriously fun!!! Are flights just that cheap because it was last minute? Your family is super cute.