Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tville Dayzz 12'

It's that time of year again, where everyone returns to their hometown of Taylorsville for Utahs best firework show & Taylorsville Dayzz! This is a day that I make on my calendar at the first of the year so that we can make sure to be in town. We started the day with being in the parade for my dad's company. Me and Hads threw candy from the back of the truck while Pete drove a motor home. Hadlee was loving it, she is defiantly an attention lover. After sweating out butts off in the hot blazing sun we joined our friends Jay & Lisa at Jays house for dip in the pool. And then of course it was back to the Dayzz we went for like I said Utah's BEST firework show. It was so fun seeing friends and family there and enjoying the summer night. Until next time Tville Dayzz! (I don't even know if there is two Z on the end but that's just how I like it)

P.S Hadlee hated the fireworks!:(

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  1. Mal. You look so good girl! I must know how do you curl your hair? I love the front waves.