Saturday, June 30, 2012

Victoria Island

After so many years of being married who need a romantic trip???
Well my parents defiantly don't, thats why their child and grandchild tagged along!
But for the record we were invited.
My parents were planning on going to British Colombia for a little getaway, and I happened to have a couple days off so at the last min. we decided to go. By last minute it was pretty much that morning that we packed our bags and was on our way to the airport. It was quit the eventful day, after flying into Vancouver we took a 60 minute bus ride to the ferry. The ferry was pretty much a mini cruise with food, a play place and entertainment. After the 2 hour ferry ride, we were back onto a bus for the most beautiful scenic drive through Victoria Island. We were finally at our hotel and of course we all hit the pillow ASAP! The next morning we were out to explore. This place was seriously beautiful. I didn't know what to expect, I was just along for the ride. But to my surprised I loved it. Hadlee was so good which was a blessing being that Pete wasn't there to help me chase her around. We did have a little episode where she throw her shoes of a double decker bus which basically stopped traffic and some guys flagged down the bus driver to pull over because something flew off the bus.
After touring around the island we went to The old spaghetti factory which is a fav. After a VERY long day we hit the pillow so that we could wake up bright and early to take our adventure back to the airport. It was a short and well worth it trip! Can't wait to take Pete back.

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